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4 Sale by Owner



A. 4 Sale by Owner agrees to provide services as follows:

1. Help and support in producing property details.
2. Enter property details, including photographs, on the website and database.
3. Property advertising at the shop and on the website.
4. Your 4 Sale by Owner sign and post.
5. Prepare colour brochures of the property for prospective buyers to collect from the shop, by post or by email.
6. Pass contact details of prospective buyers to you.
7. Acccept a booking deposit from the buyer. It will be held in trust for the buyer and credited 8. towards the full deposit as soon as a binding contract has been signed by both buyer and seller.

There will be a deposit for the 4 Sale by Owner sign.

We can also arrange for additional services on request:
- Digital photographs of the property
- Property valuation
- Boundary survey
- Sign erection.

B. The Seller agrees to:

1. Give a fair and accurate description of the property for inclusion in the 4salebyowner website for the benefit of prospective buyers.
2. Co-operate in a spirit of goodwill with 4 Sale by Owner and it's representatives during this transaction.
3. On receipt of inquiry communications from 4 Sale by Owner, to contact prospective buyers without delay. Viewings will be for you, the seller, to arrange.
4. Allow contact details to be disclosed when it is considered necessary by 4 Sale by Owner.
5. Not to request or accept any booking deposit directly from a prospective buyer.
6. Request the buyer to visit the Sale By Owner Shop to:
- Pay a booking deposit.
- Confirm the name of the buyer's solicitor to whom the contract and title will be sent.
7. Pay 4 Sale by Owner for services provided immediately upon completion of the service.

This agreement is separate from and independant of any arrangement with James Cahill for conveyancing work carried out in his capacity as solicitor.
James Cahill, if employed as your solicitor, will
Review your title documents in advance of sale.
Send contracts and title to the buyer's solicitor immediately the deal for the property is made.

4 Sale by Owner, Ireland, E: info@4salebyowner.ie, T: +353 94 90 25577
James Cahill Solicitor, 9 Ellison Street, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, T: +353 94 90 25500, F: +353 94 90 25511
Cashin & Associates, 3 Francis Street, Ennis, Co. Clare, T: +353 65 689 3196