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General Questions

1. Is 4 Sale by Owner an auctioneers or estate agents?

No, we are solicitors! We do all the legal work and conveyancing associated with buying and selling property. As an additional service, we advertise property for clients and put them in touch with potential buyers.

2. Who are the Solicitors?
James Cahill of Ellison Street, Castlebar, Co. Mayo started 4 Sale by Owner in February 2005. Mary P Cashin is the first solicitor to operate the 4 Sale by Owner service in Ennis, Co. Clare.

3. Why should I see a solicitor if I'm thinking of moving or buying for the first time?
It is important to be aware of the legal aspects and have an idea of the statutory costs such as Land Registry and Stamp Duty.

4. Do you have a website?
Yes, it's www.4salebyowner.ie. All our properties are advertised on the website, and there are also pages explaining how we work.

5. What are the shop opening hours?
The shop in Ellison Street, Castlebar is open normal business hours: Monday to Friday 9.30 - 17.15 and 10.30. We can also accomodate you out of these hours by special arrangement. The Ennis shop is open Monday to Friday 9.00 - 17.30.

6. What about data protection?
We have a database of names, addresses and telephone numbers at our offices in Castlebar and Ennis. These details are never published on the website, nor disclosed to third parties. Tell us at any time if you want us to remove your data completely. Always ask us if you are concerned about anything.

7. Can you advise about planning issues?
Yes. Planning legislation features very much in modern conveyancing practice. The Solicitor will advise buyers and sellers of the relevant issues.

Seller's questions

1. I have property to sell - how does 4 Sale by Owner work?

If you have decided that you wish to sell your house or site yourself, then we will support you. We will review your title, advise you of all the legal considerations and do the conveyancing. We give you practical support with our advertising service.

2. What does the advertising service consist of?
We help you create your property advertisement, and advertise it in the shop and on our website www.4salebyowner.ie. We supply you with a sign and brochures. When buyers come along, we pass their details to you - you then arrange to show them round and deal direct with them.

3. Who does the negotiating on price?
You do. You negotiate directly with the buyer, so you are in control. You can decide to whom you will sell and for how much.

4. What happens when I have made a deal with the buyer?
Come back to us immediately. Arrange for the buyer to give us a booking deposit (this is normal practice even when a auctioneer is employed) and the name of their solicitors, to whom we will send the contracts and title without delay. We are ready to act as soon as you are, so it will save you time.

5. Do I accept money from the buyer?
No, all monies must be handled by solicitors. The booking deposit (which is fully refundable until contracts are exchanged) can be taken to the 4 Sale by Owner branch.

6. How much does it cost?
The advertising service (for regional properties) is 1000 + 23% VAT. This is payable on the sale of your property.

7. How much is conveyancing?
Make an appointment to see one of the solicitors or telephone the offices for an estimate of the legal costs and outlays. Alternatively, use our conveyancing calculator on the home page.

8. Do you charge commission on the sale, like an auctioneer does?
No, just the flat fee for our advertising service and support throughout the selling process. You don't even have to pay an advertising budget upfront!

9. How else can I save money?
Give us your own photographs; digital photos are preferable (you can email them or we can download them straight from your camera). Maybe you have a relative or know someone who will take them for you. If not, we can arrange for a photographer to take them for you - just pay him on the day.

10. Can 4 Sale by Owner tell me how much my property worth?
Most people have an idea of the price region they want. But if you don't, we can put you in touch with a professional valuer - just arrange a suitable time and pay him directly.

11. I don't know where my deeds are.
Don't worry, the solicitor will talk to you and find out. We normally make a title search at the start of the process, as a matter of course.

12. What else does 4 Sale by Owner do for your 1000 fee?
We put you in touch with buyers who come in and express interest in your property. Also we keep a database of buyers' requirements; when we put your house on our database, we can give you a list of people waiting for your type of property. So you can start the ball rolling with a few phone calls.

13. How soon can you advertise?
As soon as you give us the outline details including location, price guide, type of property and photos, we can have your property advertised on our website in a matter of hours. Then bring or send us your full property details; we will produce your full brochure and update the website by the following day.

14. Do I have a chance to see the brochure before it is advertised?
Tell us whether you want to see the details before they go live or are happy to let us go ahead. Either way, we will send you a copy for your approval.

15. Can I have extra copies of my brochure to hand around myself?
Yes, of course. We can quickly print additional copies of your brochure.

16. Do I have to fill in any forms?
There is a property form which you can fill in by hand or from our website. But we will accept details by post or email; just give us as much information as possible about your property as the advertisements will look more interesting. We also have a Client Agreement for you to complete with your name and address, and a signature to say you understand our services.

17. Do prospective buyers telephone me direct?
No, we take their name and number and pass it on to you, so you contact them.

18. Do you give my name and address to other people?
No, we do not give names, even if asked. We may give address or directions, but only if necessary (see question 24 regarding directions).

19. What else can I do to advertise my property?
Place one of our signs outside your property and another at the end of the road if you are not on a main road. You may wish to advertise in your local shop or in newspapers. You can let us know if you would like us to place an ad on chargeable and non-chargeable websites; ask us for details.

20. Can you arrange newspaper advertisements for us?
Yes, it's reasonably straightforward for us to do so as we already have your details and photo on our computer. Tell us whether you want a local or national newspaper, and we will get a quote for you. If you decide to go ahead, we can confirm your ad on receipt of payment.

21. Do I have to display a 4 Sale by Owner sign?
We advise you to put a sign outside, because it helps visitors find your property and also enforces the advertising. The sign includes your own reference number, so potential buyers can let us know if they have seen your property.

22. Is there a charge for the sign?
We ask for a deposit of 100, which is fully refundable. This is to encourage the sign to be brought back to us in good condition, as signs are fully reuseable.

23. Should I put my own telephone number on the sign?
No, people are unlikely to see it as they drive past. They will be able to find out our number, by calling 11811 and asking for 4 Sale by Owner or looking for us on the internet, even if they cannot stop to note it down. Our phones are manned during working hours and people can leave messages out of hours; that means prospective buyers can always get an answer.

24. Do you give directions to my property.
We will normally only give directions to land, sites and derelict properties so that prospective buyers can have a look from the outside. If they want to take matters further, they will ask us to pass their contact details to you.

25. Can I have my property with an auctioneer as well?
We are happy to help you sell your property yourself, even if an auctioneer is currently advertising your property. If you find the buyer exclusively through our service, you are unlikely to have to pay the auctioneer's commission. Ask us for more information.

26. Is 4 Sale by Owner in competition with auctioneers?
No, we simply offer a choice - an alternative or additional way of selling property.

Buyer's questions

1. I am looking for a house to buy - how does 4 Sale by Owner work?

If you have seen a property you like on our website or in the shop, tell us the reference id and we will put you in touch with the seller. Otherwise tell us you requirements - we will put them on our database and when a suitable property comes up, we will pass your contact details to the seller and ask them to call you directly.

2. Can you do the conveyancing when I buy a property?
Yes we can. Unfortunately the same solicitor cannot act for a buyer and seller of the same property, so if we are acting for the seller as well we may have to put you in touch with another solicitor.

3. What other information can I get if I visit the shop?
As well as picking up property listings and brochures, we have copies of various Department of the Environment, Irish Financial Services and Residential Tenancies Board leaflets. We also have library copies of the Conservation Guidelines, which you are welcome to look at.

4. I saw one of your signs outside a house I liked - what should I do?
Contact us and tell us where the house is. If you can, make a note of the id at the top right of the sign. We will pass your details to the owner and ask them to contact you.

5. What about confidentiality of my details?
Your details are kept on the computer in our offices. By giving us you name and phone number, you are giving us permission to pass your contact details to sellers. By giving us your address, email and property requirements, you are asking to be placed on our waiting lists so that we or the seller can contact you when suitable properties become available. Also see question 6 under General Questions.

6. If I decide to purchase a property, do I give the owner money?
No, all monies must be handled by solicitors. Arrange to come in to see 4 Sale by Owner with your booking deposit. Remember that this is fully refundable until formal contracts are signed.

7. Are the property prices displayed in brochures and the website negotiable?
Yes. The seller will usually give the top price they hope to achieve, but there is always scope for negotiation.

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