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There are several legal aspects to consider when buying or selling property, so it is important to see a solicitor when you initially think of moving or buying for the first time.

4 Sale by Owner solicitors will advise you of the likely costs of buying and selling, including statutory costs such as Stamp Duty and Land Registry fees.

When you are selling, the solicitor will also establish the location of your deeds, for example they may be with the bank or building society if you have a mortgage. 4 Sale by Owner solicitors will also check that your deeds are in order, which will eliminate hold-ups when you come to exchange contracts with the buyer.

Our solicitors can also arrange sale of property by tender - contact us for details.

It is important to make a Will if you own or are thinking of buying property, and if you have children. Then you will know that, should anything happen to you, the property will be transferred to the persons you choose.

Making a Will.

When you visit the 4 Sale by Owner Shop, talk to us about making your Will. It is quick and straightforward to make a standard Will. It won't be difficult or worrying - and it will give you peace of mind. We will prepare and store your Will for you. You should make sure that certain relatives know you have made one and where it is.

Make your will online at www.wills-ireland.com

What is a Will?

A Will is a formal document, which sets out what a person wishes to happen to their possessions after their death. When you make your Will, you appoint executors; these are people who you can trust to carry out your wishes.

A Will should be written down and witnessed by two people. These witnesses must not be beneficiaries of your Will.

Ideally, your Will should be prepared and signed in the presence of a solicitor, so that it can be proved in law. Probate means that there is evidence that this is your last Will and Testament, and the executors have permission to carry our your wishes. If you add something to your Will at a later date, this is called a codicil.

In legal terms, your possessions are known as your estate. If you do not have a Will or there is no evidence of a last Will and Testament on your death, this is called intestate. In Ireland, your estate will be divided between your nearest next of kin.

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